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Woman injured at concert still awaiting assistance from singer

When people attend a concert, they generally hope to see some great performances and maybe a fun surprise or two. They generally do not expect that they will get seriously injured. But this was the very unwelcome surprise that one woman experienced at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas.

The woman has kicked in the head during a performance by R&B singer Miguel. Although it happened a month ago, the woman continues to struggle with the painful and upsetting consequences of her injury. And to make matters worse, she says that she has received no assistance from Miguel and has had to cover the costs of her expensive medical bills herself. It is for this very reason that the woman may file a lawsuit against the singer and the awards shows.

The incident happened when the singer was jumping from one part of a stage to another. His foot smashed into the back of the 21-year-old woman’s head and she was knocked into a platform. Instead of taking her to the hospital, event staff gave her an ice pack and put her next to Miguel for a television appearance. No one seemed to take the accident seriously.

But the extent of her injuries is, in fact, quite serious. The blow to her head resulted in a number of cognitive issues. She has experienced memory loss and has a hard time sitting for extended periods of time. She has difficulty expressing herself in coherent ways all the time, which has been a serious challenge for the ambitious college student. 

None of the parties involved in the incident have taken any steps to help the woman cope with her injuries. Miguel reportedly released a statement to the media that he cares for the wellbeing of the woman, but he has done nothing to provide any kind of financial support for all the medical costs she has incurred. The victim’s attorney has said that the singer and the awards show are practically daring the woman to file a lawsuit. 

Negligent parties often will not offer up the compensation that they are likely responsible for. This is why victims in similar situations take legal action. By filing a personal injury claim, a person can pursue compensation for the costs associated with medical bills, ongoing care and lost wages.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Miguel Leg Drop Victim Says Singer Is Practically Inviting Lawsuit After Offering No Medical Assistance,” Anthony McCartney, June 15, 2013

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