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Las Vegas hit-and-run leaves 3 injured

Among motor vehicle accidents, there are none quite as despicable as a hit-and-run. Causing an accident in Las Vegas and then taking off is not only irresponsible and rude, it is against the law. Nevada law states that those involved in an accident must exchange information, and if someone is hurt, seek help for that person. When a person leaves the scene of an accident where property damage has occurred, that person could face misdemeanor charges. Felony charges could be levied in hit-and-run cases involved injury or death.

A driver who caused a four-car accident in Las Vegas recently may be faced with these charges. Authorities are investigating the accident and have asked the public to call with any information they have regarding the crash. What they do know is that the driver of a Lincoln ran into the back of a Ford on the Las Vegas Strip and then hit another car after moving to the right. The force of the impact sent the Ford into another automobile.

Three people suffered moderate injuries in the crash and were taken to a local hospital for treatment. The driver of the Lincoln who caused the crash exited his car following the accident and took off on foot without even stopping to make sure the other people involved in the crash were okay.

Although authorities are still looking for the Lincoln’s driver, the victims in the accident may wish to speak with an attorney about civil litigation and their right to compensation for their medical bills and damages done to their vehicles.  

Source: Las Vegas Sun, “Driver flees after four-vehicle crash on Las Vegas Strip,” Riley Snyder, July 15, 2013

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