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Man loses appeal in car accident lawsuit

When going through a civil appeals case in Las Vegas, it is important that you have the proper representation. Because so much can be on the line, it is typically not a good idea to try to go into court without a lawyer. An attorney can help you navigate the ins and outs of the legal system and build a credible case for you.

Perhaps if a man who recently appealed a circuit court’s decision in his personal injury lawsuit would have had a lawyer to represent him, things might have worked out better for him. As it was, his civil appeals case was denied.

The man initially brought the lawsuit against another man who rear ended his car six years ago. He claimed that as a result of the accident, he suffered injuries that affected his ability to work. He sued the driver of the other car for future medical expenses, lost income and lost earning capacity.

During the initial trial, the court determined that the man’s medical issues were not related to the car accident and that he failed to provide enough evidence to support his claims.

The man appealed the court’s decision, saying that the other driver had admitted to rear-ending him and the doctor who examined him testified that his back was injured. The court denied his appeal, stating that the man did not make his case in the first trial and did not show that he was entitled to compensation for his injuries. The circuit court’s decision was upheld.  

Source: The West Virginia Record, “Man, representing self, loses appeal in auto accident suit,” Nathan Bass, July 22, 2013

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