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Reno motorcyclist seriously injured by falling hay bale

Unfortunate accidents happen every day in Las Vegas, and a large majority of personal injury cases occur due to the negligent actions of others. Sometimes it only takes an extra moment of attention and care to ensure that no one gets hurt, whether on the road or at work. When someone bypasses an important step or a quality control check because they are in a hurry or don’t want to expend the extra efforts to make certain that something is done right, the resulting consequences can be devastating and cause life-altering injuries.

Recently, a Reno motorcyclist suffered severe injuries possibly due to the inattentive actions of a truck driver. According to the Nevada Highway Patrol, the motorcyclist slid nearly 70 yards after a hay bale fell off of the back of a truck and collided with the biker. The trucker, who is also from Reno, was travelling on the highway when he said that he noticed that three of his bales had fallen. It was only after he pulled over that he noticed that his hay appeared to have been the cause of an accident.

It is unknown whether or not the trucker will be cited in the accident. Had he better secured the hay bales onto his flat-bed, there is a possibility that the accident never would have occurred in the first place. When an injury such as this transpires, talking to a civil litigation attorney is an ideal way to help you understand your rights and assist you in trying to seek compensation for damages incurred. 

Source: Las Vegas Sun, “Motorcyclist hurt when hay bale falls from truck,” Sep. 6, 2013

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