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Past due rent causing contract dispute between pet spa and county

In Las Vegas and across the nation, it is important to abide by contractual obligations. If one party fails to do so, they may end up involved in a complex business litigation lawsuit.

One business, Monarch Pet Spa, is currently involved in a contract dispute against the County of Santa Barbara for allegedly failing to pay rent on a beach-front space that houses a dog wash station. While beachgoers are upset at the possibility that this doggy spa may be discontinued, the county alleges that they’ve given the dog wash company ample time to get their affairs in order and pay the past due rent.

Reports indicate that Monarch has a history of falling behind on payments; at one point their rent was reportedly over a year past due. While the county’s deputy director of parks indicated that Monarch has paid some of the overdue money, they have yet to bring the contract balance to date.

The county has served the self-serve dog wash business with a termination notice that covers all three pet spas at various California beaches. The owner of Monarch says that the issue stems from miscommunication given that the checks and other required paperwork have already been turned in.

The county residents are already mourning the potential loss of the dog wash, but sources indicate that the city will consider working with other dog wash businesses.

In business it is important to protect your interests, and it appears that the County of Santa Barbara is doing just that. However, if Monarch can prove that they paid on time, they may need to contact an attorney to ensure that they don’t unlawfully lose their business space.

Source: Noozhawk, “Contract Dispute May Pull Plug on Company’s Dog-Wash Stations at County Parks,” Lara Cooper, Nov. 7, 2013

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