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Contractor loses civil appeals suit against school district

Business relationships are some of the most important, and they are also some of the most difficult. In many aspects, a Las Vegas organization that wants to acquire a new contract must woo a prospective client, put their best foot forward at all times and bowl over the competition. However, just like with any relationship, you occasionally encounter someone who is not in it for the right reasons.

One man alleges that his construction contract with a school district ended because he refused to engage in fraudulent behavior. According to sources, the man, a construction contractor who owns his own business, filed suit against the school district claiming that he was pressured into offering kickbacks to a board member with the school district. That board member, and a third party individual who was allegedly acting as the middleman, were also sued.

The lawsuit was dismissed in the lowers courts; the judge ultimately decided that there was no indication that the school district breached the contract in any way. Reports indicate that the issue of bribery was never ruled on, but that it wouldn’t have affected the outcome of the issue anyway.

The man is reportedly planning on filing a civil appeals case in response to the lower court ruling. He will be tasked with proving to the appellate court that untoward behavior took place and cost him his bid.

Those who face civil disputes should consider hiring a lawyer instead of going through the legal battle alone. Especially when given the opportunity to state your case in front of an appeals judge, having the best legal representation by your side is priceless.

Source: Houston Chronicle, “Contractor appeals bribery suit dismissal,” Ericka Mellon, Dec. 11, 2013

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