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Man sues hospital over inflated ER rates for uninsured

One of the great concerns of many uninsured Las Vegas residents is what to do when they need emergency health services. Most often individuals are not uninsured by choice, but instead due to a lack of available funds necessary to cover the insurance expense. While some people would rather wait out their illness than pay the emergency care self-pay rates, others find themselves faced with a literal life and death decision and have little choice but to pay the charges.

One man, with the help of his Las Vegas lawyer, has sued a California hospital and associated entities for putting patients in this difficult predicament. According to court records, uninsured individuals seeking emergency room care are charged exorbitant rates when compared to the discounted prices that insurance companies receive for the exact same services. However, because hospitals don’t disclose this information, many patients are unaware of this fact.

The man claims that the hospital’s billing system is unscrupulous and blindsides patients when they get their bill later on, especially since the charges are not listed in the contract that patients sign before receiving services.

In this business litigation matter, the plaintiff believes that the hospital has acted in such a way that constitutes deceptive trade practices. He also alleges breach of faith and breach of contract, and indicates that the health care facility asks patients to sign agreements containing unclear language.

Those who believe that they have been taken advantage of by a business should discuss the issue with an attorney. Fighting for justice is often the best way to seek compensation for damages and help see to it that others aren’t taken advantage of in the same way.

Source: Courthouse News Service, “Medically Uninsured File Class Action,” Nov. 27, 2013

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