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200 gallons of oil left found on Las Vegas roads; origin unknown

When Las Vegas residents are injured as the result of negligence, premises liability or a product defect, they may think they have the right and ability to pursue legal action. While this may be true, some situations are more complicated than others. Personal injury lawsuits are intended to help make victims whole again after they have suffered an injury caused by someone else, but in most cases this requires identifying the most directly negligent party. Who this person or company is may not always be immediately apparent.

The origins of a 200-gallon oil spill that was left on two Las Vegas roads are still unknown. The oil was responsible for sending at least one person to the hospital for injuries sustained in a car collision. Reports do not indicate how badly this person was hurt or whether this crash involved more than one vehicle. The spill was cleaned at the city’s expense.

This media source did not go into detail on many aspects of this incident. It offered no speculation as to what types of vehicles could have produced an oil spill of this size, and did not indicate whether an investigation has been launched to determine the spill’s source.

Car accident injuries can leave victims to face a number of difficulties, especially if they involve long-term disabilities. These challenges can be compounded by the fact that filing and proving a personal injury case is not always easy, and may rest on facts that are not yet readily available. Those who have been injured in a car accident and are concerned about identifying defendants or proving their claims may wish to speak with an attorney.


Source:, “Oil slick caused one car crash, major traffic on Decatur Blvd.,” Natalie Cullen, Apr. 3, 2014

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