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Many security-sensitive companies wary of trendy cloud tools

When a national company accidentally leaks public information, it can cause a great deal of concern for Las Vegas residents. This is why information security is a top priority for many corporations, and why so many of them are careful when it comes to selecting technological tools for sharing data internally. If these businesses do not take these decisions seriously, they may face commercial litigation for any resulting security breaches.

Although widely used among lay consumers, cloud-sharing tools have not been embraced by security-sensitive companies and organizations. According to one expert, this is because these services do not provide the protections necessary for organizations in the finance and healthcare industries. This is perhaps illustrated by the results of a recent study that surveyed hundreds of IT professionals, which concluded that a business’ use of popular tools such as DropBox and Google Docs can result in severe security risks.

Also revealed by the survey is the fact that breaches of information housed in a cloud service may not be easily detectable, and that many companies’ internal policies regarding the use of such tools are nonexistent or ignored by employees. Almost half of survey respondents indicated that cloud services are simply inappropriate for businesses.

Business owners and managers need to be wary of many potential business litigation dangers such as fraud, product liability and international business disputes, but information security is arguably one of the biggest liabilities businesses face. Company owners and executives may wish to proactively address these issues by consulting with a lawyer for advice on how to manage their risks.


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