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Employment litigation plaintiff wants to see tech giants in court

Many Las Vegas companies have faced business litigation at some point in their histories. Such lawsuits can be very burdensome for corporations, as they divert resources away from the everyday needs of the business. Often, the parties involved prefer to shorten the amount of time needed to resolve the issue by opting for a settlement instead of a trial. However, if settlement talks break down or the proposed amount is considered too paltry, plaintiffs may abandon these negotiation efforts and choose to pursue their claims in court.

Apple, Google, Intel and Adobe have proposed a $324 million settlement to resolve the class action employment litigation in which they are currently embroiled. One of the named plaintiffs in that class, however, would like these tech giants to answer in court instead. He claims the amount is insufficient, both as a penalty and as compensation to employees. The man has submitted a letter to the judge assigned to the case, requesting that she reject the settlement.

The suit alleges that these corporations engaged in an unlawful non-poaching pact, under which each company agreed that they would not attempt to hire each others’ employees. The settlement, if accepted, would be applied to the case’s 64,000 plaintiffs. This would average to just a few thousand dollars for each class member—prior to the deduction of attorney fees—and would probably not be divided evenly.

If your business is at the outset of a corporate dispute regarding breach of contract, unfair competition or deceptive trade practices, it may be beneficial to seek the advice of an attorney. A lawyer can help guide you through your settlement options as well as prepare you for the possibility of a court case.

Source:, “Plaintiff in Tech Wage Case Asks Judge to Reject Settlement,” Jeff Elder, May 12, 2014. 

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