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Las Vegas hit-and-run driver escapes on foot through bar

Car accidents occur regularly, both in Las Vegas and all over the country. They often involve serious injuries and long-term disabilities, which can lead victims to pursue civil litigation against the parties responsible for the incident. A legal determination regarding causation, however, requires evidence collected from the scene of the accident. This is one reason why law enforcement authorities make every attempt to track down hit-and-run drivers.

According to a Las Vegas bartender, a driver in a fatal hit-and-run crash escaped on foot by running through a cocktail lounge and exiting through the back door. The accident involved four vehicles in total: a GMC Yukon, an Oldsmobile and two minivans. The Oldsmobile was carrying an elderly woman and her son. The woman died as a result of the crash, and her son suffered critical injuries. This report does not mention whether anyone was in the minivans during the accident.

Las Vegas law enforcement officials are currently seeking the female driver of the GMC Yukon, although they have not yet determined whether she caused the accident. While the incident occurred near an establishment that serves alcohol, this report does not indicate whether the suspect or any of the other parties involved had been drinking prior to driving.

Those who suffer a personal injury through a car accident, premises liability or the use of a defective product may have legal recourse against those responsible for their injuries. If you have been hurt because of the negligence of a person or company, you may find it beneficial to discuss your case and the civil litigation process with an attorney.

Source: The Republic, “Suspect sought in fatal, multiple-car, hit-and-run in Las Vegas,” May 8, 2014.

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