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4 incidents of overheating laptops lead to recall

Many residents of Las Vegas are heavily reliant on technology such as cell phones and personal computers. Because these devices are so prolific, people can sometimes forget the fact that these products are serious machines, capable of producing electric shocks and burns if they suffer from defects that allow them to overheat or short circuit. If people suffer personal injury or property damage as a result of such defects, they may wish to pursue civil litigation against the product’s manufacturer.

Four incidents in which a Sony VAIO laptop overheated have been reported; these have led the company to recall approximately 700 units of this product. This defect causes the computers to catch fire and melt. No burn or other fire-related injuries have been reported relating to these incidents, all of which occurred in Asia. There have not been any reported problems in the U.S.

At issue in this recall are the computers’ lithium-ion batteries, some of which have been found to overheat and catch fire. Reports offer no explanation as to why this occurs.

Consumers who own these laptops are being asked to stop using them and cut off their power. The computer’s manufacturer is offering free inspections to determine whether a laptop contains a defective battery. If this defect is found, Sony will provide a full refund or repair the laptop for free.

Technological devices are increasingly ubiquitous in modern society. While these products can be convenient, they are also very advanced pieces of technology that can pose serious electrical and fire hazards. Those who have been injured as a result of a defective technological product may want to ask an attorney about the possibility of filing civil litigation against the device’s manufacturer.

Source:, “Sony Recalls VAIO Flip PC Laptops Due to Fire and Burn Hazards,” July 1, 2014

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