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Las Vegas Hotel and Casino faces copyright infringement suit

Many Las Vegas casinos offer world-renowned musicals, magic shows, concerts and other stage performances. The development and production of these shows often involve multiple business contracts addressing various legal issues, including employment terms, the assignment of intellectual property rights and royalty payment structures. When a problem arises in any one of these legal areas, litigation may result.

The Las Vegas Hotel and Casino is being sued by John Payne, one of the developers of the company’s “Raiding the Rock Vault” show. In his suit, the former member of rock band Asia makes several claims against the casino, including copyright infringement.

It is unclear from reports what damages or remedies Payne is seeking regarding these alleged copyright violations, or how much of the final show can be attributed to his work. According to court filings, Payne was listed in an initial agreement as a co-director; reports do not offer any details regarding the other director(s), or how large a role Payne ultimately played in the overall development of the Rock Vault show.

Payne’s lawsuit arises from a soured work relationship with the Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. He had been hired to develop the Rock Vault show, but was suspended and then terminated earlier this year. The length of his employment and the circumstances of his departure were not provided by reports.

Large-scale business deals often have contracts that address multiple issues. When these agreements are implicated in claims involving breach of contract, fraud or any other type of business dispute, litigation may become necessary. If you are currently facing such an issue, you may want to review your legal options with an attorney.

Source:, “Former Asia Singer Sues Las Vegas Casino Over ‘Rock Vault’ Show,” Eriq Gardner, July 24, 2014 

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