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Are there standards of operations for children’s facilities?

The state of Nevada has enacted statutes that speak specifically to standards of operation for children’s facilities. These laws are available to the public through the state legislature’s website. Property owners and managers must make every effort to conform to these regulations, as any lapses in compliance could result in injuries to children, which could in turn lead to personal injury or premises liability lawsuits.  

The requirements for children’s facilities include temperature regulation, a number of safety measures, and minimum square footage that is based on premises’ maximum capacities. Different or additional rules may apply for care facilities for sick children. 

The play areas of children’s facilities are, in particular, subject to numerous property management regulations. Included in these are requirements that:

  • The area be enclosed to prevent unsupervised departures
  • Hazardous materials be cleared away
  • Appropriate resilient surfacing be installed beneath and around elevated play equipment
  • Dangerous vegetative matter be removed from areas to which the children have access
  • Proper drainage systems be installed
  • Children be prevented from accessing any nearby bodies of water

If property owners or managers fail to comply with the regulations established in Nevada state law, they may face certain consequences. These may include the revocation of their licenses to operate their facilities as well as disciplinary actions from the Division of Public and Behavioral Health. 

Should anyone suffer a personal injury on the property due to negligent management or the failure to comply with the legally required standards of operation, the owner of the property may also face a premises liability lawsuit. 

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