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What plaintiffs need to prove in product liability lawsuits

For many Las Vegas manufacturing and distribution companies, the safety of their products is a priority. Not only do these businesses wish to keep their brand standards high, they also want to ensure that they do not open themselves up to product liability lawsuits. At the Aldrich Law Firm, we understand that when a company is faced with this type of litigation, its executive management team will want to know exactly what kind of evidence the opposition will need to produce in order to succeed. 

According to Cornell University’s Legal Information Institute, product liability is, in general, considered a strict liability offense. Because of this, the existence of a product defect speaks for itself, and most plaintiffs will not be required to provide evidence regarding defendants’ intentions. The standard of strict liability is used in product liability cases because it is presumed that consumers are exposed to inherent dangers when a company places defective products in the market stream. 

If a plaintiff successfully establishes that a product defect exists, any business that manufactured, distributed or sold those items may be held liable for any injuries that resulted from the use of those products. A definitive link between the defendants and the defect must be shown in order for plaintiffs to prevail. To do so, plaintiffs must identify which companies were responsible for manufacturing dangerous products and/or releasing them for use by the public.

To learn more about product liability cases and other types of legal issues that businesses may face, please see our page on business and commercial litigation.

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