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Construction industry takes title as most dangerous profession

People who work in the construction workforce may be taken for granted by those who don’t know just how dangerous this industry is. Every day, thousands of construction workers in Las Vegas put their lives on the line to improve roadways, construct buildings and perform maintenance work all over the city. There are a multitude of industry standards to protect construction workers from being injured or killed on the job, but sometimes these standards are not enforced for a variety of reasons. Other employees may fail to observe safety rules, or the construction company itself might not educate its workers on the proper way to avoid serious accidents and, consequently, a personal injury lawsuit.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, construction work tops the list of the most dangerous jobs in the country. In 2013, 42 construction workers lost their lives in workplace accidents in Nevada.

Four types of accidents injure or kill workers on a regular basis, states the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. These include falls, being struck by an object, electrocution and being caught in or between objects or machinery. OSHA estimates that if these “fatal four” accidents were eliminated from the construction industry, more than 400 lives would be spared throughout the U.S. each year.

What are some of the dangers a construction worker might face during a normal day on the job? Scaffolding equipment may be faulty, presenting a serious fall hazard. Other workers might not take the proper precautions with electrical wiring. It is possible to fail to observe safe procedures when using ladders, harnesses or other climbing equipment. Heavy machinery might also be improperly maintained or operated.

Construction workers who were injured at the job site as a result of someone else’s negligence may be entitled to seek compensation through a premises liability claim.

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