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Las Vegas airline may be getting too big too fast

In the air industry, more people in Las Vegas and elsewhere are choosing to travel by plane and this has opened up limitless opportunities for smaller companies. However, while there is a lot of room for growth, airlines are also under strict federal rules and guidelines. Additionally, airlines have to negotiate contracts with unions to find trained staff such as pilots, flight attendants and maintenance crews.

A Las Vegas airline known as Allegiant has been accused of performing substandard maintenance on its stock of planes, which were purchased used. The accusations come as part of a business dispute between a pilots’ union and the airline. The exact picture surrounding the contract issue is unclear but the airline has denied the allegations.

However, the airline, which has experienced constant growth, admits that it may be growing too big too fast. Their Las Vegas flights have been delayed, due to shortage of crew members and several of the planes have had to either conduct an emergency landing or divert their flight plan. One plane didn’t seem to have enough fuel on a flight and received clearance for an airspace which had been closed for a military flight training. The company has purchased additional planes and added cities not found with larger airlines but realizes that it needs time to let all of its processes catch up.

When companies overreach, they may find themselves unable to deliver on promises to consumers, employees and other companies. This can lead to a breach of contract issue or business litigation which can be expensive. Therefore, companies may find it helpful to speak with an experienced attorney.

Source: Washington Post, “Emergency landings might slow down one of America’s fastest-growing airlines,” Thad Moore, Aug. 4, 2015

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