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Understanding Nevada’s deceptive trade practice law

Owners of a business in Las Vegas must abide by certain rules that are intended to protect the consumer, or customer. These rules are referred to as deceptive trade practice and according to the Nevada State Legislature, there are several ways that a business could be determined to have engaged in unlawful practices and thereby deceived consumers.

One way is through misrepresentation of the product or service that the company offers. For instance, a company that offers dietary supplements would probably be found guilty of deceptive trade practices if it made claims that its products had received approval from a government entity when in fact, it had not. A dealer of used goods might have given consumers the impression that the goods were brand new and unused.

Advertising practices can also fall under this law if the company has deceived consumers. This may include promising a free service or product but failing to disclose that the consumer must actually pay a fee in order to receive it. Another way that a company could be found in violation is if it does not tell the public that there is a limited supply of a product it is advertising for sale and therefore it is unable to fill reasonable demand for that product.

Making sales calls during 8pm and 9am is considered another violation of this law. Businesses are also prohibited from continuously calling someone who is not interested in their product or service; block their identification from people they are calling; or use language that is considered, intimidating, obscene, threatening or profane. The Office of the Attorney General for Nevada also points out that companies must be honest with consumers about its products. Failure to telling people about material facts could also be considered a violation of state law and expose businesses to costly business litigation.

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