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Know how to prevent claims of retaliation


As a business owner, you may already be familiar with the discriminatory practices that can get companies into trouble. At Aldrich Law Firm, Ltd., our goal is to help you mitigate your risks and run your organization in step with Nevada laws. Part of that includes helping you understand what retaliation claims are.

According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, claims of retaliation involve an employer must have taken some type of adverse action, such as firing, demoting or harassing an employee who has engaged in protected activities. Your leadership should understand what these protected activities are, such as the following: 

  • Filing a discrimination complaint
  • Speaking to a manager about safety issues
  • Picketing that alleges discrimination
  • Serving as a witness in an investigation regarding discrimination

Business Insider magazine offers a number of ways to help your business prevent and defend against these types of claims. For example, having a comprehensive policy in place that strictly prohibits retaliation can go a long way toward demonstrating your business’ stance on the behavior. Having a detailed record of any activity concerning the employee is also important. That information can be useful, especially if it can be proven that the employee had a history of performance problems or misconduct.

You should make sure that any issues that arise in the workplace are dealt with promptly and consistently. If one employee is punished more harshly for an activity than others who committed the same offense, you can get into trouble. 

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