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Lawsuit against Apple claims deceptive trade practices

Businesses in Las Vegas operate under a host of regulations that dictate items such as how many hours someone can work and how much money someone can make. Some of the most complex laws detail the deceptive trade practices that should be avoided. For example, a company is not allowed to misrepresent a product in its marketing efforts. Technology giant Apple is on the receiving end of a lawsuit that claims the company violated such policies.

In 2011, Apple launched the iPhone 4s. Fast-forward several years, and the company rolled out newer models, the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus. Just a week later, Apple released a software update known as iOS 9, which was marketed for devices including the iPhone 4s. Once a consumer installs iOS 9, he or she cannot undo it without the help of someone with technical expertise.

After installing the update, several users noticed that their iPhone 4s devices were not working as well as they used to. In a class action lawsuit filed at the end of December last year, a plaintiff claims that Apple knew the update would cause performance issues. The problem has led to people purchasing newer iPhone models, which the plaintiff claims can cost hundreds of dollars. Citing deceptive trade practices and false advertisement, the plaintiff is seeking more than $5 million in damages.

This case illustrates the importance of fairly marketing products and services. Doing otherwise could lead to costly litigation. Anyone who has questions about issues regarding this matter should consult with an attorney.

Source: Tech Times, “Apple Facing Lawsuit For Allegedly Forcing People To Buy Newer Models By Slowing Down iPhone 4s with iOS 9,” Dave Calpito, Jan. 3, 2016

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