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What information do I need to appeal a civil judgment?

Once a judgment has been entered against you in a Nevada court, you are able to appeal it. An appeal is the act of asking another court to either change or reverse that judgment; it is not a request for a new trial. If your judgment was entered in Justice Court, you will have to appeal the decision to the District Court. If your judgment was entered in District Court, your appeal will be elevated to the Nevada Supreme Court.

In order to file an appeal, the Clark County Courts points out that you must do so within the given timeframe. For Justice Court decisions, you have 20 days from the time you receive written notice of the judgment. For District Court decisions, you have 30 days.

After you have filed the notice of the appeal and served a copy to the opposition, you will need to gather information. Within 10 days of filing, you will need to get one of the following: 

  •        A transcript of the court proceedings
  •        A statement of evidence or proceedings, if the case had not been recorded
  •        A statement of the case that demonstrates how the decision was made and how the appeal arose

You may also be required to file a brief.

Keep in mind that if there was a judgment ordered against you, filing an appeal does not prevent the opposition from collecting that award. You can request a stay execution of the judgment by filing a bond with the clerk of court.

While this information may be useful, it should not be taken as legal advice.

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