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Protecting your legal interests after a car accident

Like all drivers in Las Vegas, you have a chance of getting into an accident every time you get behind the wheel. Even minor fender benders can be frightening and confusing, and you might not know how to deal with the aftermath immediately following the crash.

According to State Farm Insurance, the way you react after an auto accident can have a positive or negative impact on your financial and legal interests. The following steps can help you be informed ahead of time:

Get to a safe spot immediately after the crash. Drive your car to the side of the road if possible. Alert authorities of the accident. A police report can serve as valuable documentation of what happened and may help protect your rights.

If there are serious injuries, call an ambulance. If you decide not to receive medical attention immediately, make a point to see your doctor soon to rule out damage from whiplash or other complications.

Get pictures of the vehicles involved, take notes and exchange insurance and contact information with the other people involved. However, do not say you’re sorry or admit fault. Doing so may be used against you later. Only sign documents from the police or your insurance agent. If possible, be the last person to leave the scene of the accident.

Reacting safely and appropriately after a car accident may protect you from legal implications, as well as prevent further damage or injuries. This information is meant to keep you informed, but should not be substituted for the advice of a lawyer.

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