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What is social monitoring and how can it help your business?

As some of our recent posts have pointed out, your online presence can have a great impact on the success or failure of your company. Like many Las Vegas business owners, you may consider it a wise move to get involved with the most popular social networks to expose your brand, attract clientele and get ahead of the trends in your industry.

One of the most effective tools available today, explains the Huffington Post, is social media monitoring. Customers are probably already talking about your company through review sites, such as Yelp. You may also have a Twitter account or Facebook page where you can interact with your customers and see what they are saying about their experience with your products or services. Social media monitoring tools allow you to find out what is being said on the Internet about your company where you might not easily find it. You can find numerous free social monitoring tools through a simple Internet search. They work by searching the web for keywords that you have compiled about your company and industry, which may include words that signify both positive and negative comments.

With a social media monitoring tool, you can see customer feedback about your business and use it to improve or customize your brand. You can respond to positive or negative comments on blogs and other platforms where customers have been talking about your company, and forward the discussions you like to increase your exposure.

Getting involved with your customers online by utilizing social media monitoring not only increases your company’s online presence, but also shows your customers that you care about their satisfaction. This can also make a difference from a legal standpoint, by showing that you are willing to be involved in developing a product or service that is safe and ethical for consumers.

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