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What do you need to know about holiday drunk driving?

One of the most joyous times of the year is also one of the most dangerous for families in Las Vegas and elsewhere. The holiday season can turn tragic for those who are harmed by drunk drivers. For this reason, law enforcement and community programs are reaching out to raise awareness of the effects of drunk driving and to hopefully keep your family and others safe during this holiday season.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving is launching its annual Tie One On For Safety campaign on November 1. The program will run until New Year’s Day and focuses on drunk driving education and prevention. To participate, you may simply put a red ribbon, magnet or decal somewhere on your vehicle where others can see, and learn about ways to protect your family from drunk driving accidents.

How can you help save lives during the upcoming holiday season? You can start by making a promise to never get behind the wheel after having even a couple of drinks. Before going out with friends, plan for someone to serve as a designated driver to make sure everyone gets home safely, or arrange a ride home from a taxi service or someone who can pick you up. If you are hosting a party, offer non-alcoholic beverages in addition to any spirits you plan to serve. Make sure your guests do not drive away drunk; you might arrange a sober ride home for them or offer them your couch for the night. It is also important to speak to teenagers about the dangers of drunk driving, and to let them know they can rely on you for a safe ride home if they find themselves in a bad situation.

You may not be able to prevent every accident, but the efforts you make this year may make a significant difference in the lives of your loved ones.

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