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Undocumented immigrants often subjected to employee abuse

Many people from other countries relocate to America in an effort to improve their lives. Some gain residency through legal routes, while others are undocumented. A significant portion of the workforce in Nevada is made up of immigrants. Immigrants have the right to be treated fairly in the workplace like everyone else. Unfortunately, many employers mistreat their undocumented immigrant workers. It is important for employers to understand the legal ramifications of denying employees their basic rights, since doing so may result in legal action.

Reuters points out that Nevada is the top state per capita for undocumented immigrants, at 7.6 percent. Additionally, the Silver State employs the largest number of undocumented workers – 10 percent of the population. Many jobs performed by immigrants complement the local workforce and provide valuable services to residents. For example, construction and agriculture are common industries that employ immigrants. These are also jobs in which employees are subjected to unfair treatment.

According to the Guardian, workplace injustices to immigrants often include being denied pay, working in dangerous conditions and working too many hours. Some employers do not allow their employees meal breaks or time to go to the restroom. Others put their staff on the job without providing adequate training or safety equipment.

Often, immigrants do not realize they have the right to be paid minimum wage and to work in reasonably safe conditions. Employers may take advantage of this fact. Other times, if workers stand up for their rights, they are denied pay or threatened with deportation.

People have varied opinions on undocumented immigrants, but basic human rights extend to all employees regardless of status. Employers who treat their personnel with respect may not only increase their chances of having an effective, satisfied workforce, but might reduce their risk of having legal action taken against them.

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