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Bystanders can be victims of construction accidents

You may already be aware that the construction industry can be dangerous for workers in Nevada and across the country. Every day, those in construction face numerous hazards, even when they are properly trained and using the appropriate safety equipment. Unfortunately, construction might also pose dangers for the unsuspecting public. At the Aldrich Law Firm, Ltd., we are aware of the serious mishaps you might encounter simply by being in the wrong place at the wrong time near a construction site.

On a worksite, there is a great deal of organized chaos. Construction trucks drive back and forth; heavy machinery is being operated; traffic and walkways might be diverted; and construction employees are hard at work on numerous tasks. If you live or work near a construction site, you might be exposed to the noise and bustle on a daily basis. Moving equipment, falling debris, noise pollution and other factors can be a constant hazard. These risks are a major reason why, according to Construction Dive, construction companies may spend months in advance of a project planning strategies to keep the public safe from worksite accidents. Some hire third-party safety consultants to assist in this important step.

Even so, accidents can occur despite meticulous safety precautions. Last February in New York City, a crane fell into the street during high winds and killed a pedestrian. In addition to falling objects, you might be injured by falling into a hole near the worksite, being struck by a construction vehicle, inhaling toxic chemicals or tripping on tools or equipment. You might also suffer from the constant loud noise created by jackhammers and other machinery.

Construction companies may be held liable for injuries to the public if they neglect to take the necessary safety precautions. You may learn more about bystander injuries and construction accidents by visiting our personal injury page.

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