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What penalties might NV drivers face for a hit-and-run?

It might seem like a given for anyone who is involved in an accident to stay at the scene. Unfortunately, many people do not remain at the scene of a crash. If you or other Las Vegas residents are victims of a hit-and-run, you might understandably feel angered and betrayed that the person who hit you did not care enough to stay and make sure you were all right. The problem is such that Nevada lawmakers have added legislation to make penalties for a hit-and-run the strictest in the country.

Authorities say that the majority of drivers involved in hit-and-run accidents are intoxicated. Whether sober or not, someone who causes an accident of this magnitude might feel frightened enough to flee the scene, instead of staying to render aid. Additionally, being drunk or high might inhibit a person’s judgment when they might otherwise help. In leaving the scene of an accident, the responsible person might hope to avoid apprehension – or, in the case of extreme intoxication, may not even realize that you had been struck.

According to Las Vegas Now, those who leave the scene of an accident that caused harm to another person could serve up to 20 years in prison. Authorities hope that in this way, people might think twice before leaving another person injured and alone. Instead, they advise those involved to stay at the scene, call 911 and render aid. In this way, you might avoid worse injury if the others involved in a crash reported the accident and stayed with you. This law may benefit both sides, as the person who caused the crash may avoid more serious consequences by remaining at the scene and cooperating with law enforcement.

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