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Filing a civil appeal with the Nevada Supreme Court

When a court case does not turn out as planned, a person may have the right to appeal the decision to a higher court. The highest court in the state is the Nevada Supreme Court. However, not all cases can be heard before the high court. A person must first take their case to an appeals court, according to the State Legislature. It is also important to note that in civil cases, both the plaintiff and defendant can appeal, so either party may decide to appeal a decision made in a lower court to the Supreme Court.

According to the Supreme Court, its duty is to ensure evidence was substantial for a lower court’s ruling and to correct legal errors that may have occurred. The Court also notes that an appeal must be filed by a licensed attorney, so anyone filing needs to have legal representation. The appeal is filed by submitting a Notice of Appeal to the Court. There are also fees that must be paid along with the notice.

The Court is located in Carson City and has normal business hours each weekday. Anyone can call the Court to ask questions about the appeals process or to ask about a current case status. The Court also has a website available to provide various general information and specific information about cases that is also available to the public. Questions are not answered by Justices or their support staff. They are answered by office personnel, so specific legal questions cannot be answered by calling or using the website.

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