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Can truck drivers use their phones behind the wheel?

Understanding the dangers of texting and driving on the roadways in Nevada, you may find it reassuring that there are strict distracted driving laws that refer specifically to the operators of large commercial vehicles. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration enforces these federal rules for truckers who are driving across state lines, spelling them out for those in the industry so there is no doubt about what a trucker can and cannot do while driving.

When you think of texting, you may think literally of sending and receiving text messages via cellphone. However, the rule for truck drivers goes further than that. Not only are they restricted from typing or reading any kind of message, they also cannot put in a phone number manually to make a hands-free call, or hold the phone.

Although it is against the rules to pick up the phone, a CMV driver can call you on a hands-free device as long as making the call does not involve more than the touch of one button to begin or end it. If the phone is not within reach when someone is sitting in the driver’s seat and restrained appropriately, he or she cannot make or answer the call without a voice-activated function.

While you may receive a citation and a fine for texting while driving, a trucker can expect much more serious repercussions, including significant fines and license suspension. The potential for losing their livelihood may prevent many CMV operators from engaging in dangerous behaviors on the road. This information about the FMCSA rules is provided for educational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.

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