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You may receive compensation for attorney’s fees in your appeal

Losing a case can be disheartening, but under many circumstances, a Nevada civil appeal may be an option. However, after reviewing the requirements for filing one, attempting to do so on your own may seem overwhelming. At the Aldrich Law Firm, Ltd., our team often assists those who are not comfortable navigating the appellate court system themselves.

Not only is an appeal complicated, it may also get expensive. Fortunately, the state may allow you to file a motion to have your attorney fees covered by the other party. Nevada statute 18.010 explains that if you win your case, under certain circumstances you may be awarded an allowance to pay for the charges that you and your attorney agreed upon when you retained him or her.

Some statutes authorize the money in specific types of cases, but the court also has the ability to award the allowance to you providing that the outcome of your case resulted in a judgment of less than $20,000. You may also receive compensation for your attorney’s fees if the judge determines that the opposing party in your case brought a frivolous claim against you, or made the claim in order to harass you. The statutes are written this way to encourage judges to punish those who tie up the court system with inappropriate lawsuits.

You are not likely to find out until the end of the trial whether the cost of retaining your attorney will be taken care of by the other party. More information about the Nevada appellate court system and civil appeals cases is available on our web page.

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