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Many factors contributing to high number of NV pedestrian deaths

Pedestrians are particularly vulnerable when they cross Las Vegas roadways. Although bicyclists may be wearing helmets, a person on foot rarely has any protection at all when hit by a vehicle. Many of the roads in the city are wide to accommodate multiple lanes of tourist traffic, and crosswalks may be few and far between. Any or all of these factors may contribute to the number of pedestrian deaths that occur in Clark County each year.

Many people have expressed concern over the dangers that the city’s roads pose for those on foot. Victims of the crashes, along with safety advocates and law enforcement, have been attempting to raise awareness about the hazards and the resulting injuries and fatalities. One of the primary factors that they are currently calling attention to is speeding. Authorities point out that drivers who ignore posted limits put pedestrians at a much higher risk of harm.

If the first four months are any indication, 2017 may be the worst year yet for pedestrians. Although 2016 had seen 20 deaths in Clark County by this point, 30 have been killed already this year. Some of the deaths were the result of pedestrian mistakes, and others were because of the negligence or reckless driving of those behind the wheel.

Pedestrians in Las Vegas who follow the law should never be struck by a car. Injured victims of a pedestrian accident, and family members of those who have been killed by a vehicle, may benefit from the advice and representation of an attorney.

Source: KSNV News3LV, “Soaring pedestrian fatality rates highlight need for road safety,” Michelle Velez, May 12, 2017

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