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The basics of products liability

When you create a product in Nevada, you have a responsibility to make sure that it is safe. However, you may not be able to predict ways that consumers may interact with it, and all the ways in which an accident may happen. The team at the Aldrich Law Firm, Ltd., has provided advice to many companies facing products liability litigation.

The Cornell University Law School’s Legal Information Institute explains that federal law does not address products liability; it is purely within the jurisdiction of state law. There are regulations that states may use as a guide for the legislation, though. It includes three basic aspects of a product that may be faulty.

  • An issue may develop during the manufacturing process. In this case, most of your products may be fine, but you may have a lot or even just one or two items that the problem alters in a way that could lead to harm.
  • All of the products may be defective if the basic design has a flaw in it.
  • You must make sure you label your product for correct use. This includes all-inclusive instructions and any dangers that may arise from misuse.

No matter how careful you are, you may still have to pay damages to someone who is injured using your product if he or she can prove there is a defect, and that it caused the harm in question. Even then, there must also be proof that the consumer did not cause the injury through his or her own negligent or careless actions. More information about complex litigation defense strategies is available on our web page.

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