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When complex litigation requires expert testimony

If a company in Nevada is facing complex litigation, convincing the judge and jury that the other party is in the wrong may require explanations of how the facts apply to the case. Frequently, a lay person may not have the knowledge to grasp anything about the technical aspects of the matters in question. According to Cornell University Law School’s Legal Information Institute, companies often rely on expert witnesses to provide the specialized information.

To be qualified to perform this service, a witness must be able to provide testimony that comes from reliable techniques and principles which have been applied correctly to the data or facts. Eligibility also rests on the need for the expertise in order to explain the information or evidence.

Bloomberg notes that an expert may be needed in a complex litigation case involving advanced technology, economics, marketing, statistics, survey data or finances, to name a few. Expertise in any of these areas may be necessary in order to interpret how the facts are relevant to the company’s argument. Experts are often engaged through consulting firms or academic institutions, or may be a member of a professional organization or industry representative.

Employing an expert early in the process may help a company identify whether litigation is the wisest course in achieving a positive outcome. If this is the case, then the testimony may be needed as a basis for the strategy. The professional is also likely to need a significant yet reasonable amount of time to complete the research or gather the evidence necessary. 

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