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Appealing an eviction order

Being evicted from your home in Nevada can be a traumatic experience, but even after you have unsuccessfully filed a motion to cancel the eviction order, you may have options. There are many post-trial strategies that may result in a reversed outcome and allow you to stay in the house. Our team at the Aldrich Law Firm, Ltd., has offered legal advice and represented many people who are seeking resolution for landlord-tenant issues.

The Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada explains that it may be possible to appeal an eviction order. This can typically be done when you think the court made a mistake in granting the eviction to your landlord. However, you are on a strict time limit, so it is essential to move quickly. You must file your documents within ten business days from the day that the eviction order has been filed with the court, and before you have moved out of the house.

There are three possible documents you may need to file. These include a notice of appeal, a statement of the proceedings, which is a description or transcript of the proceedings, and a statement of points on appeal, which is only necessary if the court did not provide the findings and conclusions. You may need to pay a filing fee, and you will need to post a bond, although the amount you may have to pay depends on many factors of the case.

More information about appellate legal matters in landlord-tenant cases is available on our web page.

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