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Health care facilities and slip-and-fall accidents

From icy sidewalks that are left unattended to slick grocery store floors, slip-and-fall accidents happen in a plethora of ways. For patients in health care facilities, as well as health care workers, wet floors and other hazards are especially concerning. Unfortunately, some patients have sustained serious injuries and, in some cases, have even lost their lives after falling down due to a hazard in a health care facility that was not addressed properly. For health care workers and patients alike, recognizing and preventing these accidents is pivotal.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention draws attention to some of the different reasons why people fall down in health care facilities. For example, a floor that is uneven or damaged can present a threat. Furthermore, contaminants such as oil, food, water, or grease can result in a slippery surface. There are other factors that can contribute to a slip-and-fall accident, such as insufficient lighting, debris scattered across the floor, and cords that are loose, to name a few.

For some people, slip-and-fall accidents are particularly dangerous. Over the course of 2014, the CDC reports that elderly people in the U.S. fell down 29 million times and many of these accidents likely occurred in a health care facility. After a slip-and-fall accident, victims may experience an array of hardships, from physical pain and debilitating injuries to financial struggles. Also, it is often frustrating for patients to deal with an accident knowing that it should never have happened, which is why victims should take steps to address carelessness.

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