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Network takes action in sexual harassment cases

To protect their businesses from sexual harassment claims, companies should have policies and procedures in place that directly address the process for handling complaints. From training to a reporting system and investigation protocol, employers must be prepared to actively combat this threat to safety, morale and productivity. 

An employee at Fox News has recently been reinstated by the company after he was accused of sexual harassment by one of his female co-workers. The network suspended the man, who has been the host of a regular show. However, after completing an investigation of the claim, the company determined that he had not engaged in any misconduct.

The host of another of the network’s popular shows was also suspended in an unrelated case. The complaints, which were filed by more than one female co-worker, stated that he had sent them lewd photos. He was not terminated, but the network announced that it reached a mutual agreement with him to end his employment there. He did not admit guilt and indicates that he may sue one of the women for defamation because she made her claim against him public.

Employees may feel compelled to take their complaints to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or to seek media attention with their stories if they feel their employers are not responding appropriately to a sexual harassment charge. However, when facing an investigation or negative publicity from an allegation, a business may have legal recourse to counter the charges. Many seek the advice of an attorney to learn what steps they can take in these situations.

Source: Las Vegas Sun, “Fox News host Eric Bolling out; had been under suspension,” Sept. 9, 2017

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