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Innovative system uses eye tracking to detect brain injuries

The vision tests typically performed by optometrists in Nevada do more than just check an individual’s sight. Often, results from eye tests can detect early signs of health issues, such as diabetes, certain forms of dementia, autism and concussions. The purpose of the RightEye’s EyeQ system is to give eye doctors even more insights into what’s going on with the brain.

Involving a PC and monitor similar to what’s already used in optometrists’ offices, the system uses a camera with eye-tracking technology to look for signs of a brain injury. In addition to detecting issues, the system is designed to apply therapeutic techniques to correct them. The EyeQ terminal that’s part of the system is already being used in hospitals, clinics and schools. It has also been used by Major League Baseball to test athletes for signs of brain injuries.

The system allows a wide range of tests to be performed, including ones that can immediately detect concussion symptoms. It works by assessing eye movements in response to certain stimuli. For instance, an individual may be asked to follow a dot with their eyes or shoot spaceships out of the sky on the monitor. The concussion detection capabilities are especially promising because signs of brain injuries of this nature may not be immediately apparent.

It’s important for anyone who has sustained a brain injury to seek medical attention right away to identify potentially serious issues. A personal injury lawyer representing someone who has had a brain-related injury may make an effort to determine if negligence was involved. If this is the case, the attorney may be able to seek compensation for medical costs related to immediate care and testing. Additional compensation might be sought if the injury requires long-term care or affects an individual’s ability to work and function normally.

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