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What to know about TBIs

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 138 people die each year from traumatic brain injuries. However, there are others throughout Nevada and the U.S. who will deal with the consequences of a TBI for the rest of their lives. While there are several main causes of these injuries, the truth is that they can happen at any time even if an accident doesn’t seem overly severe.

Traumatic brain injuries can occur in people of any age. In 2012, there were 329,290 people aged 19 and younger who were treated for brain injuries and concussions. In 2013, 282,000 people were hospitalized and 50,000 were killed because of issues related to head injury. CDC data indicates that falls accounted for 40 percent of all TBIs between 2006 and 2010. However, falls accounted for 81 percent of such injuries in people who were 65 and older.

Another 14 percent of traumatic brain injuries were caused by motor vehicle accidents; these accounted for 26 percent of deaths related to TBI during that time period. Other main TBI causes included assault and being hit with an object unintentionally. Those who experience a head injury could face lengthy periods of rehabilitation as well as long-term challenges related to memory or mood.

Unfortunately, traumatic brain injuries can lead to missed time at work or school. Furthermore, victims may not be able to enjoy the same quality of life that they had prior to being injured. However, it’s possible for victims of an accident caused by the actions of a negligent individual to receive compensation. Damages could cover current and future medical bills or make up for lost future earnings.

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