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Common premises liability issues

When an individual is injured at a commercial property, the owner could be held liable for damages. There are many potential liability issues that could make a Nevada property unsafe. For instance, a carpet that is not laying flat can cause someone to slip and fall. Cables or wires that are not properly stored could also pose a trip hazard. It’s important to note that premises liability lawsuits tend to be among the most expensive types of claims to resolve.

The aforementioned slip-and-fall examples are generally considered to be inadequate facilities claims. Another possible option for an injured victim is an inadequate warning claim. An example of such a claim would be not warning a person that a floor was wet or that someone is walking through an automatic door. Regardless of why a person slips and falls, property owners should take care to avoid accidents that could lead to personal injury claims.

However, those who are at a property that they don’t own are also expected to takes steps to ensure their safety. When determining who is at fault in such a case, a judge or jury may decide that an injury was caused by the egregious behavior of the plaintiff.

A failure to warn of known hazards or an inability to eradicate a dangerous condition may be examples of property owner negligence. If such negligence results in a person slipping and getting hurt, a financial reward may be in order. Compensation can help to recover lost wages or lost future earnings if a victim is unable to return to work. An attorney may review a case to determine if negligence occurred.

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