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Device could determine if drivers were texting and driving

Although many Nevada drivers are aware that driving and texting is extremely dangerous, some drivers still look at their phone screens when they should be focusing on the road. Distracted drivers are at risk for causing accidents that can result in life-threatening or deadly injuries. However, officers often have difficulty determining if a driver was texting at the time of the crash.

The Textalyzer, a tool that works similarly to a breathalyzer, could help authorities see if the driver was using his or her smartphone when the impact happened. The device plugs directly into the smartphone and creates a minute-by-minute readout. It can note the exact time a person sent a text, opened an app or made a call.

While the tool would be useful in determining liability for a crash or if distracted driving played a factor in a car accident, especially if a fatality occurred, there have been some privacy concerns raised by the American Civil Liberties Union. However, it was noted that the tool does not actually record texts or content, just taps and swipes. Additionally, a law must be passed that would allow authorities to legally use the tool.

Motor vehicle accidents that are caused by drivers who were texting or otherwise distracted by their smartphones can be particularly serious, especially if drivers failed to slow down or stop. However, it is often difficult to determine if drivers were texting or using an app when the car accidents occurred. In some cases, a personal injury attorney who is representing a victim injured in a crash might request the phone records from an accused driver. This evidence may potentially be used to determine liability. Once a driver has been found liable, the attorney may be able to seek compensation for the injured person.

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