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New concussion test being questioned

Nevada residents may have access to a new blood test that can detect signs of a traumatic brain injury. Despite some reports, however, it does not determine if a person has a concussion. The test, which was recently approved by the FDA, is used to decide if a person might benefit from a CT scan by looking for proteins in the blood.

Patients who undergo CT scans are exposed to high levels of radiation that may be especially harmful to children. Of course, it’s easier to order a CT scan as it can take three to four hours to obtain results of the blood test. Doctors may also be wary of waiting several hours if they believe an individual is likely experiencing bleeding in the brain. It should be noted that there can be multiple signs that a person has a concussion.

In some cases, proteins in the blood may not be present immediately but could be present after several hours. The doctor also mentioned that there are already rules about who may need a CT scan. Generally, those who don’t show signs of lethargy or vomiting won’t need the test as they are unlikely to have a brain bleed.

Individuals who experience a head injury could file a personal injury lawsuit if negligence played a role in causing the injury. For instance, if a person didn’t have access to adequate protective gear while playing contact sports, that could be considered negligent. In some cases, the cumulative effect of multiple head injuries could lead to changes in mood or constant pain. Therefore, injured victims may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost wages and lost future earnings.

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