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Lawsuit against Skechers by Adidas is settled

Nevada residents who have been following Adidas’s lawsuit against Skechers USA might be interested in learning that it has come to a conclusion. The lawsuit was a trademark infringement case filed by Adidas against Skechers.

Adidas filed the lawsuit in September 2015, alleging that Skechers had infringed on several different Adidas trademarks, including the company’s signature three-stripe design on its shoes and other products. Adidas also alleged that Skechers had copied the Stan Smith shoe. In February 2016, the court issued a preliminary injunction against Skechers, banning it from selling two discontinued designs and using the name Super Nova for a third product.

In August 2016, the court denied Skechers’ motion for summary judgment on a claim that it had copied the Adidas Stan Smith shoe. In early May 2018, Adidas filed a sanctions motions against Skechers, alleging that it had copied the designs with another shoe. Skechers argued that it had halted sales when it was notified to comply with Adidas’ demands. The two sides reached a confidential settlement of all outstanding issues on May 30.

Intellectual property disputes may arise between businesses when they use designs that are similar. When a company copies the trademarks of another company, the infringing company may be sued. Businesses often defend their intellectual property vigorously because infringement can damage their reputations and brands while also causing them to lose substantial amounts of money. Attorneys with experience in business and commercial litigation may secure injunctions against the infringing parties to prevent them from further using the trademarks of their clients. If the injunctions are violated, the lawyers may file motions to ask the court to sanction the infringing companies. Attorneys may also work to resolve the disputes so that their clients may be made whole.

Source: Footwear News, “Adidas and Skechers settle three-stripe copycat lawsuit,” Hilary George-Parkin, May 31, 2018

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