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Mobile devices viewed as a major factor in pedestrian deaths

Nevada motorists may be interested to learn that the increase in pedestrian fatalities is being blamed on distracted driving. The chairperson for Detroit’s College for Creative Studies transportation design program believes that social patterns, rather than the design of vehicles themselves, is responsible for the 46 percent uptick in vehicle-related pedestrian fatalities since 2009. During the same period, other forms of vehicle fatalities have only risen by 11 percent.

Many experts believe that the increase in accidents is related to both distractions among drivers and pedestrians. The number of active cell phones in the United States has increased significantly since 2010. According to research by the Foundation for Traffic Safety, touch screens inside vehicles also pose a greater risk. Infotainment systems in more than 30 vehicles were found to have a distraction level of moderate or higher.

Research from Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo shows that texting and talking are not necessarily the problems. However, those activities often lead one to take their eyes off the road. The research also shows that strong enforcement of distracted driving laws has an impact on lowering incidents. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is also examining the impact electronic devices have on both drivers and pedestrians. While some experts blame one group more than the other, making drivers and pedestrians more visible to each other will improve safety overall.

Pedestrian accidents can result in serious injuries and even fatalities. Victims can incur enormous costs due to these accidents, and they may have the right to compensation if the other party is found responsible. It’s the job of the victim’s attorney to discover the circumstances of the event and recommend a legal path forward that best represents their interests. Negligence may be used to prove liability in some cases.

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