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School buses already appearing on Nevada roads

The upcoming Labor Day holiday will mark the start of a new school year in many parts of the country. However, students have already returned to the classroom in some Nevada counties. This means that school buses have once again become regular sights on morning and afternoon commutes. Some motorists have trouble adjusting to these additional roadway stresses. However, the frustrations of sharing the road with school buses can be greatly mitigated if drivers are patient, plan ahead and remain vigilant.

Drivers who fail to stop when a school bus has its lights flashing and signal extended can be ticketed and fined. Furthermore, failing to reduce speed when a school bus switches its yellow lights on can lead to a citation. In addition to following traffic laws, drivers should keep distractions to a minimum and watch sidewalks and crosswalks carefully when school buses are in the vicinity.

Road safety experts recommend staying at least 10 feet behind school buses to reduce the risks of striking a child. They also urge drivers to constantly look around for alleyways, driveways and gaps in rows of parked cars that children could emerge from without warning. When schools are open and cause more stop-and-go situations, motorists should allow more time to complete their journeys.

The impatience and recklessness that causes most crashes involving school buses is also often a factor in other types of car accidents. To pursue compensation for accident victims, experienced personal injury lawyers could negotiate with the necessary insurance agencies. If necessary, attorneys may gather evidence of negligence from police reports, wireless service records and inspections performed on the vehicles involved.

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