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Vehicle technologies may not prevent car accidents

People in Nevada are often excited about the potential for improved driver safety presented by autonomous driving technologies. While fully self-driving vehicles are not yet a reality, a range of semiautonomous technologies is available, which often come with advanced features. Despite the potential of these systems, they are not yet at a stage that drivers can leave them to operate the vehicles without paying close attention. If drivers do not pay attention to the road in front of them, they could be involved in a devastating car accident.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety released the results of a study based on testing five popular systems found in some of the most advanced vehicles available. The tested technologies are among the top of the market and can provide a number of important benefits to drivers. Crash avoidance technology can prevent motor vehicle accidents and even save lives. However, these technologies can also fail. They are meant to assist drivers, not take the place of an informed and aware person behind the wheel. Vehicle owner’s manuals often warn drivers against excessive reliance on the system, but many do not heed the warnings.

For example, most of the vehicles failed to respond when other cars stopped in front of them without active driver involvement. Other vehicles were unable to sense stationary objects on the road in front of them and brake automatically. Lane-centering systems tended to fail on curves and hills, and many of the vehicles frequently steered themselves toward the lane line absent intervention from the driver.

When drivers fail to pay attention when using semiautonomous systems, they can cause severe car accidents that lead to serious injuries and even death. People who have been hurt in a car accident due to another person’s negligent or dangerous driving can work with a personal injury attorney to seek compensation for their damages.

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