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What to know about safety and roundabouts

Both cyclists and pedestrians encounter problems while traveling on public roads. Perhaps one of the most pressing safety issues is ensuring that they are visible to oncoming traffic, including both cars and trucks. Cyclists and pedestrians who travel through busy areas or who travel at night typically take additional preventative measures to ensure that they are visible to vehicles at all times.

Unfortunately, even with proper care, pedestrian accidents do occur. It’s important to note that cyclist, pedestrian and crosswalk accidents can sometimes be reduced by implementing roundabouts into city areas. Roundabouts function by requiring oncoming vehicles to slow down significantly in order to proceed. They are designed quite differently from traditional intersections; because they physically require drivers to slow down, pedestrians and cyclists are less likely to be injured by oncoming traffic.

However, roundabouts present their own challenges. For example, pedestrians may find it trickier to cross the road than at traditional intersections. If a pedestrian is visually impaired, for example, determining the exact entry point at which to cross may be challenging when compared to traditional intersections with accessibility options.

While more work is needed to ensure the safety of both pedestrians and cyclists, roundabouts ensure that vehicles slow down. This can minimize the chances of injury. Should a collision occur, it will be at much lower speeds than on normal roadways.

If a pedestrian or cyclist does happen to be injured in an accident, a personal injury attorney may be able to help. Accidents involving a motor vehicle can be quite traumatic, but a lawyer may offer guidance and assistance when it comes to receiving compensation for medical bills and emotional trauma sustained in the accident. Injured parties might want to reach out as quickly as possible to receive assistance in filing a claim.

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