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Traumatic brain injury and emotional changes

Brain injuries are a common cause of permanent disability and death in Nevada. After a traumatic brain injury, or TBI, a person may experience changes in their personality and ability to control their emotions. A TBI sufferer may also seem emotionless or after the injury, which is known as a “flat affect.”

Some of the most common behavioral changes after a TBI include anger outbursts, poor judgment, rigidity, apathy, lack of empathy, lack of motivation, depression and anxiety. Mood swings are also quite common after a TBI. It is important for loved ones to remember that these changes are not the TBI sufferer’s fault and to try to help them redirect their emotions.

A neurologist or behavioral therapist may be able to help individuals who have experienced a TBI with any behavioral and emotional changes they are experiencing. A professional may be able to suggest coping strategies like breathing or relaxation techniques. A person who has experienced a TBI may also benefit from explaining how their condition affects them to their friends and loved ones.

There are support groups available for those who have experienced a TBI. Speaking to others who have been through the same struggle may help some people feel less alone.

Some of the most common causes of TBIs are car and truck accidents, falls, work accidents, sports injuries and oxygen deprivation. A personal injury lawyer may be able to help individuals who have experienced brain injuries file a claim for compensation to recover damages.

A TBI sufferer may incur numerous expenses due to the accident such as medical bills, rehabilitation costs and lost wages. The purpose of filing a lawsuit is to recover some of these costs and to help the TBI sufferer and their family pay for future care. An attorney may be able to help families recover all the costs associated with a TBI, including costs of treatment for behavioral and psychological symptoms.

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