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Car accident injuries can be reduced with external airbags

Testing conducted in the airbag industry in 2018 shows that injuries in car accidents can be reduced by up to 40 percent with the use of external airbags. In Nevada, accidents account for thousands of serious injuries per year, and safety authorities are constantly looking for new solutions. External airbags, which are designed to serve as an additional crumple zone, could prove to be a major safety improvement if implemented in new car manufacturing.

The biggest challenge for external airbags is accurate deployment during a collision. Airbags must inflate at a precise time before impact in order to be effective, and accomplishing this goal is a significant technical challenge. Airbag manufacturers believe they will be able to make this work through new sensor technologies like LIDAR, ultrasounds, and advanced cameras. Many of the same technologies are being used to develop autonomous vehicles.

External airbags are not expected to hit the market for at least a few years. The exact specifications of this new safety feature will vary depending on vehicle type and upcoming technological developments. External airbags will be much larger than their steering wheel counterparts, but they will need to inflate at the same speed. This will be one of the other primary challenges for manufacturers before widespread use can be started.

Victims of car accidents may be eligible for compensation for their personal injuries caused by the negligence of an airbag manufacturer or another driver. In these cases, victims are advised to seek representation from an attorney. Law practices can investigate an accident and determine whether or not seeking compensation is a viable legal strategy. Settlements are sometimes found with the responsible parties, but going to court may be necessary.

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