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Soft tissue injuries and car accidents

Car accidents in Nevada involving some type of impact often contribute to soft tissue injuries. These are injuries that affect non-bony body parts like muscles, tendons, and ligaments. The extent of damage to these tissues can range from minor sprains or strains to serious tears that could require surgical correction. Some car crash victims simply have general soreness that lasts for a brief period of time, while others with soft tissue injuries have more persistent and disruptive pain.

Hard braking, sudden jolts, and forceful airbag deployment are some of the actions associated with car accidents that could result in soft tissue injuries. The force of the impact often causes muscles and other soft tissues to stretch beyond their normal range of motion. This type of damage can result in swelling, bruising, bleeding, loss of function, or significant discomfort. Some soft tissue injuries produce delayed symptoms, which is often the case with whiplash, a type of injury that occurs after a rear-impact car accident.

Specifically, whiplash is caused by a rapid back-and-forth motion in the neck area. In some instances, sufferers of whiplash may not notice symptoms for several days after the accident. A soft tissue injury like this can also contribute to joint dysfunction, disc herniation in the cervical spine area (neck/upper back), or chronic pain. Some patients also experience dizziness, headaches, and memory loss. It’s usually MRI and CT scans that confirm a suspected soft tissue injury. Treatment may involve anti-inflammatory and pain meds, various types of physical therapy, or surgery.

With auto accidents that may involve negligence, injured parties often benefit from input from an attorney as soon as they receive necessary medical treatment for their injuries. A lawyer might also intervene if an insurance company is attempting to quickly make a settlement that might prevent a victim from pursuing legal action, which can be problematic if symptoms develop later. While it’s usually drivers who take action against drivers in other vehicles, it’s also possible for passengers to explore their legal options if it was the driver of the vehicle whose negligence contributed to the accident.

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