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Recurring factors in car crashes in Nevada

Nevada car crashes are usually caused by human negligence, an there are a few common factors. One of the most common is distracted driving, with many choosing to multitask rather than concentrate on the road. Distracting activities include calling, texting, using a navigation system, eating, drinking, applying makeup and even talking with other passengers.

Driving under the influence is considered a human error, too. It should be kept in mind that even prescription drugs and over-the-counter medication can impair driving. Those with medical conditions are not infrequently involved in accidents because they can experience a medical episode. It can be anything from a seizure or stroke to a heart attack, and it includes falling asleep at the wheel as well.

Other accidents are caused by mechanical failure. For example, the car may have been improperly built, in which case the automakers will be held responsible, or the driver may have been negligent with vehicle maintenance. Bad brakes, broken tie rods and bald tires can contribute to an accident. Another mechanical error that leads to accidents is a faulty traffic light.

Bad weather, including dense fog and excessive rain, increases the risk for a crash. In many part of the country, drivers may crash into animals that suddenly cross the road. Hitting a deer head-on is especially common, so drivers must look for crossing signs and be on guard.

When negligence is behind car crashes, occupants of other vehicles who have been harmed as a result might be eligible for financial recovery. They might want to have the assistance of a personal injury attorney when seeking compensation for their losses.

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